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Pallet Shrink-wrapping Machine

Model QR Pallet Shrink-wrapping Machine

Model QR Pallet Shrink-wrapping Machine
It can be used alone or be equipped with palletizing & wrapping production line to shrink the hood covered on the full pallets. The hood after shrink will become an integrated part of the full pallet so that bottles can be transported dust-proof and collapse-proof.

1.Heating medium: LPG or natural gas
2.Gas consumption ( under standard air pressure)
A. LPG: 0.15m3/pallet
B. Natural gas: 0.5m3/pallet
3.Burning-gas pressure: 50¡«80mbar
4.Power: 8.25Kw
5.Hot-shrink rate: 15¡«30pallets/hour
6.Weight of full pallet: 150¡«1500Kg
7.Height of full pallet: 500¡«2400mm
8.Max height of elevator platform: 800mm


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